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Committed to international development, Development Associates seeks to support strategic decision-makers as they identify and implement solutions to a range of contemporary challenges. The company combines serious, innovative, independent analysis with both business integrity and many years of real-world experience. Between them, the partners have undertaken more than 300 short and long term assignments, in all regions of the developing world, while the associates have undertaken much the same number again. The company’s geographical experience covers more than 70 countries.

Development Associates has a strong commitment to building the capacity of the people with whom it works. It is part of our approach to seek out and partner with appropriate national level firms and entities and to establish close co-operation with other consultants, professionals, officials and decision makers. Between them, Development Associates’ partners have worked for Danida, the World Bank, DFID, IFAD, UNDP and the EU.

We pride ourselves on a particular approach to our work, where we combine in-depth technical knowledge with genuine commitment and a capacity for empathetic and good natured facilitation.

Areas of Expertise

It is the nature of a small company that its core areas involve a degree of fluidity as development enthusiasms change. At present the key portfolio areas for Development Associates include:

  • Institutional reform/development and political economy
  • Private sector and business development, including trade and investment promotion, and private corporation partnerships
  • SMEs and entrepreneurship development
  • Feasibility and investment studies
  • Value chains and sector analysis
  • Rural development, livelihoods, environment and natural resource management
  • Civil society strengthening
  • Strategies for fragile and conflict-affected states
  • Change management and related training
  • Financial planning and control
  • Design, formulation, and appraisals of Programmes or Projects
  • Review, Monitoring, and Evaluation of Projects, Thematic Programmes or Country Programmes

Scroll over regions to see the countries where Development Associates partners have work experience.

North America: USA, Canada
Europe: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Italy, UK, Germany, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Turkey, Kosovo, Scandinavia
South America: Costarica, Nicaragua, Guatamala, Ecuador, Venezuela
Africa: Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Egypt, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Rwanda, Gambia, Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Eritrea, Maldives, Malawi, Lesotho, Namibia
Asia & Far East: Nepal, Vietnam, India, Bhutan, Philippines, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia
East & Central Asia: China, Mongolia
Oceania: Australia, Papua New Guinea
West Indies & Caribbean: Honduras, Trinidad, Gyana, Barbydos, St Lucia, Jamaica, St Vincent
Middle East: Yemen, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman
Caucasus: Moldova, Armania