Company and Partner References

Selected references of Development Associates within our main themes and sectors:

Institutional reform and support, capacity development, incentive structure analysis, governance and political economy

Governance and Incentive Aspects of Implementing Agricultural Reforms
Uganda, 2017, World Bank

Support to demand-driven capacity development partnerships between CSOs
Uganda, Kenya and Somalia, 2015-2017

The Political Economy of Seed Reform in Uganda 
2013, World Bank

Formulation of institutional support for economic integration in the East African Community
2011, Danida

Diagnostic Trade Integration Study: background paper on political-economy of maize sector Uganda 
2012, World Bank

Evaluation of the political economy of budget support (part of country level evaluation)
Ethiopia, 2010, EU

Evaluation of support to capacity development and policy support to Ministry of Agriculture
Yemen, 2009, IFAD

Transformation and Change Management Support to Community Development Trust Fund
Kenya, 2009 – 2010, Danida

Functional Analysis of Community Development Trust Fund 
Kenya, 2009, Danida

Core Functional Analysis and Capacity Building of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security
Malawi, 2008 – 2009, EU

Improving the Capacity of the Global Competitiveness Facility
Vietnam, 2007, Danida

Capacity assessment of CARE Denmark
Uganda/Denmark, 2006, Danida

Global Evaluation of Capacity Development
Denmark, 2004, Danida

Private sector development, including rural and MSME finance, trade and investment promotion, and public private partnerships

Design of Danish contribution to the African Guarantee Fund for SMEs
Kenya and Denmark, 2018, IFU/Danida

Review of the European Fund for Southeast Europe (supporting SME finance) and design of exit strategy for Denmark                                                                                                                2016-2017, Danida

Mid-term Review of U-Growth II, a programme supporting agriculture and rural development, Uganda, 2016, Danida

Review of the Danish Climate Investment Fund,
Global, 2015, Danida/IFU

Appraisal of proposal on a Danish Agribusiness Fund, a PPP, Global, 2015, Danida

Appraisal of the Support to Private Sector Development
Ghana, 2015, Danida

Evaluation of EU’s support to aid for trade in developing countries
Global / Ghana & Egypt, EU, 2012-2013

Evaluation of SIDA’s support to the International Council of Swedish Industry
Sweden/Zimbabwe, 2013, SIDA

Support to Kenyan Industrialists to Improve Competitiveness through Reinforcing the Capacity of Kenya Association of Manufacturers
Kenya, 2010 – 2011, EU – ProInvest

Business Plan for Fruit Armenia (private company)
Armenia, 2011, IFAD

Market scanning of credit guarantee scheme providers
Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, and South Africa
2008, Africa Commission/Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark

Support to implementation of the Business Explorer Programme                                               Ghana, 2017-2018, Danida

Support to implementation of the Business-to-Business Programme
South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania, 1996-1999 and 2007-2013, Danida

Support to implementation of the Danida Business Partnership Programme
Mozambique, Zimbabwe, 2012-13, Danida

Study on SME-driven green growth in Central America
Honduras and Guatemala, 2012, Danida

Formulation and design of support for the aBi Trust and the Agricultural Loan Guarantee Company Uganda, 2012, Danida

Strategic review and business plan of PASS Trust, a guarantee fund for agribusiness             Tanzania, 2012, Danida

Exit strategy for Danida in supported credit schemes                                                          Nicaragua, 2011-2012, Danida

Identification and design of private sector development programme                                     Nicaragua, 2009, Danida

Interim Evaluation of the programmes for rural financial services and agricultural marketing          Tanzania, 2010, IFAD

Design of the African Guarantee Fund for SME financing
Africa, 2008-2009, Africa Commission/Danida

Broader market development analysis, including making markets work for the poor (M4P)

Development of Resource Mobilisation Strategy
South Africa, 2018, Table Mountain Fund

Identification and design of market-based economic incentives for energy-efficient appliances
South Africa, 2016-2017, Danish Embassy Pretoria/Danida

Appraisal of the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH), Utrecht, the Netherland
Global, 2015, Danida

Value chain development

Strategy development for agribusiness value chains component
Kenya, 2008, Danida

Preparation of Investment Profiles for the Dairy Sector
Uganda, 2010, Danida

Preparation of Investment Profiles for the Dairy Sector
Kenya, 2007, Danida

Value Chains Action Plans for Coffee, and Maize for the Agribusiness Development Component
Uganda, 2007, Danida

Value chain and marketing development evaluation,
Moldova, 2013, IFAD

Dairy Value Chain Study,
Kenya, 2006–2007, World Bank (IFC)

Rural livelihoods, agricultural development, environment and natural resource management

Design of engagement aimed at improving land tenure and climate resilience in rural areas for smallholders
Palestine, 2018, IFAD

Support to the commercialisation of agriculture and agribusiness in Northern Uganda
Uganda, 2017, DFID

Design of engagement aimed at increasing the productive capacities of smallholders in upland areas
Turkey, 2017, IFAD

Review of the agribusiness component of the U-Growth programme
Uganda, 2016, Danida

Sustainability Report, FynBloem Denmark/South Africa joint venture under Business-to-Business Programme, Danida
South Africa, 2015

Mid-Term Review of the Regional Environmental Programme, Pro-Ambiente
Central America, 2015, Danida

Support to implementation of Energy and Environmental Partnership (EEP) Africa Programme     South Africa, 2015, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland/UK Aid/Austrian Development Cooperation

Competitive Innovation Fund providing support for demonstrations of innovations in the NRM sectors
Bolivia, 2014, Danida

Design of a Knowledge, Information and Skills Programme for African agriculture
Africa, 2013, NEPAD/World Bank

Appraisal of support for agricultural research and advisory services (ATAAS)                              Uganda, 2010, Danida

Environmental Support Programme, Lessons Learned Study
Indonesia, 2011, Danida

Review of two environmental programme, related to environmental reporting and marine protected areas
Vietnam, 2005, Danida

Country Strategy and Programme Evaluations

Ethiopia 2007/08, Mozambique 2008/09, Rwanda 2010/11, Uganda 2011/12, Nepal 2012/13, Moldova 2013, China 2013/14, Cambodia 2017, IFAD

Climate change mitigation and adaptation, esp. climate financing and rural CC strategies

Design of development engagement assisting smallholders adapting to accelerating climate change while improving competitiveness
Montenegro, 2016, IFAD

Design of project to improve climatic resilience of especially smallholders agricultural practices
Moldova, 2015, IFAD

Review of the Danish Climate Investment Fund, supporting private companies in mitigation and adaptation interventions in DAC countries
Global, 2015, IFU/Danida

Design of Trust Fund for Integrated Land and Water Management for Adaptation to Climate Variability and Change
Africa, 2009, Danida

Civil society strengthening

Quality assurance manager on the pilot initiative to provide demand-driven capacity development the civil society in the global south
Uganda, Kenya & Somalia, 2017, Danida

Development of tools and benchmarks allowing Danish Red Cross to assess the alignment and harmonisation potential in its partnerships
Ethiopia, Nepal & Denmark, 2010, Danish Red Cross

Financial and capacity assessment of Danmission (a Danish CSO aimed at peacebuilding and promoting equity)
Global, 2010, Danida

Thematic review of CARE Denmark’s strategic challenges in refocusing interventions toward increased emphasis on advocacy and capacity development
Uganda & Denmark, 2006, Danida

Strategies for fragile and conflict-affected states

Design of engagement aimed at improving land tenure and climate resilience in rural areas for smallholders

Palestine, 2018, IFAD


Formulation of a joint programme local governance and stabilisation
Somalia, 2012, UNDP/Danida/DfID


Promoting stabilisation through economic opportunities

South Sudan, 2012, Danida


Evaluation of the Agricultural Livelihoods Recovery Project

North Uganda, 2011, EU


Appraisal of the Agro-based Private Sector Recovery component of the Transitional Programme

Zimbabwe, 2011, Danida


Design of engagement for reducing child labour through capacity development, education and skills training in Swat valley

Pakistan, 2014, EU/ILO

Inclusive education sector and school management reforms for improved learning outcomes

Validation of ADB’s education engagements in terms of integrity and reporting

Philippines and Global, 2016-2018, ADB


Thematic evaluation of EU’s support to the education sector in developing countries

Global & South Africa, 2010, EU


Design of engagement to vocational education in rural areas
Armenia, 2007, Danida


Design of engagement to support agricultural colleges
Kosovo, 2007, Danida


Evaluation of support to primary education sub-sector

India, 2006, EU


Mainstreaming monitoring & evaluation methodologies for the education sector

Global/Belgium, 2005, EU


Appraisal of ‘Education Sector Programme Support, Mozambique’

Mozambique, 2001, Danida


Review of the Education, Training and Development Project

South Africa/SADC, 2000, Danida

Financial planning, management and control

Financial and management advisor for the National Rural and Renewable Energy Project

Nepal, 2015-17, Danida


Financial and capacity assessment of Danmission (a Danish CSO aimed at peacebuilding and promoting equity)
Global, 2010, Danida